Homer Simpson had produced a mmogo

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Homer Simpson had produced a mmogo

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Homer Simpson had produced a decent approximation of a theory related to the Higgs-Boson 'God particle'.One experienced particle physicist said that a complicated equation Homer scribbled on a chalkboard seemed to pre-empt the discovery by experts at https://www.mmogo.com/Tera/Gold.html

Groening's gang also apparently foresaw the political downfall of Syria, brought about by the Arab Spring. False flag? Conspiracy theorists flipped out over a 2001 episode of the Simpsons featuring the flag of a Syrian opposition group which did not exist until after the Arab SpringA 2001 Simpsons episode.

New Kids on the Blecch, shows clips of a war in an unspecified Middle Eastern country. Some of the U.S. enemies depicted in the show were using a jeep branded with a flag used by nobody at the time it was aired - but which more than a decade came to be used by a rebel group in Syria.

.The show has also successfully called the 2015 FIFA soccer scandal during a 2014 episode titled "You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee".Greece's economic crisis was also predicted on The Simpsons in the January 2013 episode titled ‘Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson’.

The show has also predicted Siegfried and Roy's tiger attack, Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance and MIT's Bengt Holmström winning the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2016. Read more: 'Simpsons' Writer Who Predicted Trump Presidency in 2000: "It Was a Warning to America" | Hollywood ReporterBarcelona coach Ernesto Valverde keeps focus on... | Daily Mail Online.

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